Friday, March 30, 2007

Peanut butter = death?

No! More like ever lasting life!

I just realized that peanut butter I've been liberally spreading over my bread for pb&j sammies is the one that has been recalled. Yes I know I'm quite slow on the uptake but I bought it after the recall and so I figured the grocery store wouldn't have it on the shelf. I know I'm not in danger if I've been eating it for 2 weeks and have not had any symptoms of Salmonella yet. But, maybe I'm just ingesting a little bit at a time and slowly building up a tolerance and soon I will have gained super human strength. My strength will be stomach of steel! Yes! I see it now! Man! I've gotta make this peanut butter last so that I can continue gaining my tolerance. Just think I was gonna waste it on making peanut butter cookies for people but hell no now! It' all mine!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

330 days

Jeff just got the tax package regarding Ireland. In order not to get charged American taxes on top of Ireland taxes, he cannot go back to the states for 330+ days. Boo! He's not upset but that means we are spending Christmas by ourselves and I'm kinda sad about that. What other surprises does this move have in store?

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Waz up?

  • Ireland is getting closer.
  • I'm lonely at work.
  • It's going to be a busy weekend
  • Jeffrey's still sick
  • I'm uncomfortable in my work chair today
  • Something is amiss in the friends realm
  • Went to a pointless historic mortar/concrete workshop this week
  • Kate, Lindsey & Matt, Christa - all in town this weekend
  • Emily's b-day bash
  • Need to clean house
  • Want to eat an artichoke

Thought I would provide a outline of my week.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Just testing something...don't mind me!

Stephanie Howard Eberhard
2007 Candidate, M. S. H.P
G.R.A., Visual Resource Center
School of Architecture
University of Texas at Austin

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Hello Again

So I guess it has been absolutely forever since I've written here on this page. It's not that I'm particularly busy but I just don't feel inspired to write about my pretty mundane life. Jeff has suggested however that I get back in the habit of writing. Mainly I think to occupy himself while at work but also so that I have a written record of the goings on in my life.

So, what has happened since I last posted:

1. I did get the job that I interviewed for in Sept./Oct. I work 21 hrs a week as a Graduate Research Assistant for a Landscape Architecture professor. I'm helping with the digitizing of her slide collection. It is tedious work but I get to drink all the free tea I want! Oh and I get to scan bar codes with a laser gun thingy....very fun.

2. I'm in my last semester of school. I working on my thesis which is about the Adaptive Use of Religious Buildings. I've slightly changed to topic due to the 3rd item (see below) which will cause me to finish my thesis in the summer. I'm not the only one and so I don't feel to worried about that.

3. Jeff has interviewed and accepted a position with Dell Ireland. This has been a 3 month process with our original departure date set for March but things did not work out as smoothly as expected so its been delayed until June. He will be doing essentially the same position as here but with more money and in Ireland with a million of places to visit just a jump away. I can't wait!

4. Jeff and I celebrated our 6 monthaversary. I bought him a beer making kit and he bought me a pearl necklace. I think someone got the better deal!

5. We got a cat last year that we named Snoop Dogg. It is evil and likes to attack innocent people.

6. We celebrated another low-key Valentine's Day by exchanging handmade cards and painting pottery. Now we both have painted clay chalices (sp?).

Ummm...drawing a blank as to other things but that's about what has been going on. I'll write more in the future....gotta write all about Ireland or I'll forget all the fun things we'll do!


Thursday, September 14, 2006


So let me give some back ground to this story and as it unfolds, things will make more sense.

I've been working on my thesis proposal for the past week and the stupid thesis approver dude doesn't seem to want to pass it. Anyway, I spent 2 hrs talking to my advisor/director of the HP program. He gave me all these ideas of what I should put in the proposal to make it work. Note: The official proposal is due tomorrow and if I don't get it approved I can't take the class this semester which sets me back a semester of
So, I've been working on that and then I get an email from another professor about a Graduate Research Assistant position which she would like to me me for the following day. So, I'm freaking about the proposal and add the stress of semi-job interview on top. This morning the approver dude tells me I can turn in the proposal today so that if something is wrong, I can work on it the next day and still turn it in by Friday...Good. He wants me to turn it in by 11am. I have 12:30 class so I decide to go to the gym in between. I get all my stuff ready and pack a bag with interview appropriate clothes. Leave, turn in the paper, and go to the gym and do my thing.

Now, comes the understanding to the title....

I'm showering and changing after running and start to think, did I bring a bra? Normally us small chested gals don't have much of a problem going braless. But! I'm doing an interview thing with a female professor and my shirt is a thin WHITE shirt. No hiding the freedom boobs! So after spending a couple of minutes rifling through my bag, my fears are confirmed...missing. So what am I to do? Well thankfully I had worn a zip up sweater over my gym clothes. I put that ontop and hope it does the job. It support but blessedly keeping me from showing the world my goods. Unfortunately the sweater has a yucky coffee stain down the front so I'd rather not wear it to the interview and its freakin' hot outside!! My plan? After class but before the interview, scour the drag in an attemp to find a bra in one of the stupid stores.

So I begin my search. I go to Urban bra, no tank to hide, nothing but one little nude color soft bra that was too small and looked like it belonged in the kids section. I go to Whole Earth...maybe I can find a biodegradable bra? Good for the earth right? Nothing unless I was a 38DD. That I am not!

I'm running short on time at this moment and so decide to head over to the interview sweaty, bra less and exhausted. In a last hopeless attempt I go into a University Co-op girls clothing store I vowed never to go into. The last place and success! Offwhite 9.99 tank w/ built in bra. The support I need at an affordable price! The clerk even recognized my plight and offered to let me put it on in the dressing room and wear it out.

So! Here I sit writing in this blog, properly support and with enough coverage to be a disappointment at a wet t-shirt contest!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

May I Introduce Mrs. Eberhard?

Well since I haven't posted in over 3 months, I felt that it was time to let everyone know what was up in my world.

I have now enjoyed 2 1/2 weeks of wedded bliss. Jeff and I were married on July 1, 2006 at 8pm. It was a beautiful ceremony and unseasonably cool evening in July! Truely my perfect wedding. Everyone else has said it was lovely too but of course they are not going to tell me otherwise. So, I'm choosing to be niave and think everyone had a perfect time!

We went to Cozumel for our Honeymoon. Here are some pics from the trip:

We had a great time and just relaxed by the pool the majority of the time. Not much exploring to do on the island itself and we were too lazy to take the ferry other places.

Here we are at a restaurant/bar on the other side of Cozumel's called Mezcalito's. Very yummy!

Here are our fellow Honeymooners from Tyler, Texas. They particpated in a silly couples contest at the resort. We would have joined in but missed the beginning due to too much wine.

Jeff and I in the pool on a rainy afternoon. Only the drunk people and the kids stayed in the pool. Jeff discovered that I never say no to champagne so I had many glasses of champagne that afternoon!

Everyday housekeeping would leave a towel animal/art on the bed along with chocolates. I really didn't care about them cleaning the room, I just wanted towel animals and chocolate!!! We can't decide if this one is a bunny or a dog.

These are a random sampling of pictures. None of which are in time order or anything like that. We stayed at the Cozumel Palace, an all-inclusive resort. It was wonderful and Jeff and I have decided that all-inclusive is the way to travel to places like this. So, if we take a ski or beach vacation again, it will be at an all-inclusive.

Since getting back to reality, we've opened up the majority of the wedding presents which are wonderful (registries are a blessed thing!). We are in the process of writing a bijillion thank you notes. And, I'm in the process of looking for a job while I'm not in school. However, the job arena seems to be not very open at the moment. Heh! Well, there is still time and I'll work part time during the school year too! Hopefully this'll keep us from being so very poor :(

This is all for now but I will post more in the future. I'll even post some wedding pictures!